Saturday, May 21, 2011

from a distance


Hello.  How 'bout that ride in?

...only kidding.  But seriously...

I'm going to pretend that I'm not offended that no one has bothered to check on my health or where-abouts since I have been MIA since January.

Now, I know you're dying to know whats been going on for the past four months.  Please, there's no need for begging.

First off, I've been spending time with my really important friends.

Pharmacist of the Year and Teacher of the Year

Nothing says 'professional of the year' quite like a stuffed sidekick, oversized glitter button, and burger king crowns.  Yeah, they're kind of a big deal.


Then there's work.

 What?  Doesn't everyone demonstrate the phases of the moon with oreos at work?  

Huh.  That's too bad.  You should definitely try it.  You'll love going to work.


Next, there was Master T's (T simply doesn't sound official enough for a teacher of the year) dad's birthday.  He was surprised with a puppy, so for his cake I tried to envision their future.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  It was the best that could be done before the children in attendance climbed me like a ladder in attempt to get as close to the cake as possible.  Once they realized I was responsible for bringing cake we instantly became besties.


It was about that same time that Master T and I headed west.

Western Caribbean that is.  We biked through the jungle, ate too much food, got too much sun, made two new friends, and got felt up by a sting ray.  An all around awesome vacay.


While in Mexico, I picked up a few souvenirs.  This one was for me.

Remember when you were little and you got new shoes -they always made you run faster and jump higher right?  Yeah, that totally happened with this vanilla.  
Everything I've baked since that trip tastes 97 times better.

The other souvenirs I bought also came in bottles, but apparently were better matched with salt and a lime than flour and sugar. 


For Master T's birthday, a group of our friends volunteered at our local Day Of Hope.

We helped bag groceries for families in need in the community.  It was a beautiful day spent with wonderful friends!


Since our birthdays are only a couple weeks apart, Master T and I invited our family and friends to a local park on the river to celebrate.  Our families provided us with great food and I brought dessert.

One of T's favorite desserts is red velvet cheesecake.  For these cupcakes I used silicon liners to make chocolate shells and filled them with layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake topped with cream cheese icing.  They were decadent and delicious.


I also made a cake for a baby shower even though the mom-to-be was having to "watch her sweets."  Please never let that happen to me.  ever.  please!

It was a white chocolate cake with raspberry whipped cream filling and whipped buttercream frosting.


Finally, I got my mom some flowers for mothers day.

They were filled with cheesecake.  I challenge anyone to find flowers that are better than ones filled with cheesecake.  It cannot be done.  Unless of course they were filled with brownies.  Or ice cream.  Or banana pudding.

For the cheesecake I used the New York Style cheesecake recipe from The Joy of Cooking.  It cooked beautifully (no cracking!) and got rave reviews.  I have made it three times in two months. Mark that one DG and call it a keeper!


I think that about covers it.

Now to that laundry I've been avoiding...