Monday, March 15, 2010

stir it up

For the past several months Tiffany and I have stayed after school twice a week to work with small groups of students who need a little extra help with reading and math.  Today was the final session, so we decided to combine our groups and celebrate.  Tiffany made her famous brownies and I decided to take this opportunity to try something I probably wouldn't get the chance to make again for a while.  I ran across this cake a while ago on a blog and have wanted to try it ever since, but there are few occasions that a tie-dyed cake is needed.  The cake is just a mix and is divided up and dyed.  Then layer the colors, bake, and voilĂ -you have wonderfully rainbow colored creation!

 Now...what will we do with all of those free afternoons?

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  1. And this is why you are one of the coolest people I know. MISS YOU!!!!