Wednesday, June 24, 2009

meet virginia

For the past several years I have been dying to take a trip to D.C. So, when Molly said she was going and could use a driving buddy, I jumped at the chance! Catching up on gossip and books-on-tape helped the 10 hour drive north seem much more bearable. Saturday morning was spent touring the Capitol and then headed to Baltimore for the Braves v. Orioles game at Camden Yards. Sunday we visited Arlington and got to see the Changing of the Guards. Then we went to Georgetown for lunch at Sweet Green, a green restaurant that was fabulous! The next stop on our tour was a few of the Smithsonian museums and then off to the White House!! After dinner we took a night tour of the monuments which was amazing! In the short time we were there I was able to see so much of the city, and many of the metro areas. I would love to move there one day--or at least go back for another visit --and I can't wait to tell my students about my adventure!

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