Tuesday, September 22, 2009

laughed until we cried

Have I mentioned how much I love fall Saturdays?  Once or twice?  Ok, well just in case you missed it, I love college football Saturdays, and this weekend was no different.  Because Saturday was my little brother's 18th birthday, and one of our friends had recently moved back to our hometown, we packed our things and headed south. 

I decided to combine JT's birthday 'cake' with our tailgate dessert (in order to not have ungodly amounts of desserts to consume).  A while back I had seen bakerella make the cutest cupcake 'sliders' with sugar cookie fries.  This seemed like the perfect time to try those out.  These were surprisingly easy to make--mainly because I used box mixes for everything--cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and icing.  The 'sliders' and fries looked great, and my taste-testers all agreed that they tasted even better! 

We made plans for everyone to meet at my parents' house to watch the game, then we would 'hit the (small) town.'  I don't think anyone could have expected how much fun we would actually have.  I literally laughed until I cried (during commercial breaks of course) at moments, and loved yet another Saturday watching my favorite team with my favorite people.  After the unbelievably long game-for the second week in a row-we went to the 'local hangout.'  The night continued to be one to remember when we ran into people we hadn't seen since high school.  "Ah, memories."

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