Thursday, October 29, 2009

welcome to the future

I haven't had much of a reason to bake recently...and lets face it, I just don't have the self control not to eat every last cupcake in the house if there isn't anyone else to do it ;)  But, all of that is about to change.  Luckily for me, I have lots of people who trust me to make their desserts so I will be busy until roughly January.  This past weekend was the beginning of my baking marathon.  T's good friend, and a co-worker of mine is getting hitched.  Taste-tester decided to throw her a shower and asked if I'd make a cake.  Knowing better than to turn down a taste-tester's request, I of course accepted.  The shower was fall themed.  I decided to try a design inspired by a cake I had seen on My Sweet & Saucy (check her out- her stuff is amazing!).  Here's the final product:

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