Friday, June 11, 2010

life is a highway

It's official.  I'm old.

Memorial Day weekend my little brother graduated from high school.  It was a wonderful, long weekend spent with family- my parents' home was nearly busting at the seams with guests.  I hope that John knows how proud we all are of him!

It was a night that he won't soon forget.  Storm clouds threatened rain all day, and after checking the weather roughly 482 times, we all loaded up and headed to the football field.  After an hour rain delay, the sky cleared and the ceremony began.  The stadium was brimming with spectators as the graduates filed onto the field.  The speakers gave their rousing accounts of past-present-future living, and then it was time.  Time to call the name of approximately 400 students.  Apparently, as we were listening to the speeches (feeling as if we had really dodged a bullet), the clouds had snuck up on us.  At the call of the first student's name it started raining-buckets!  Like a choreographed dance, umbrellas were raised and people huddled under whatever makeshift cover they could find.  We were the lucky ones though.  The graduates just had to sit there.  In their full-length polyester robes, and their cardboard caps, with their chairs sinking into the soggy ground, for the other 399 names to be called.

Oh well, it makes for a good story I guess.  Years from now it will be one of those days he will be able to laugh about when he runs into fellow classmates as they reminisce about "the good ol' days."

Because my brother is of the rare breed who don't like cake (...or brownies, or cookies-yeah i know, weird. I don't get it either, but those people actually exist!), I ventured from traditional cake.  With the help of my 9 year old cousin, Sam, I made dirt cake.  He was really a team player and took on the challenge of making sure that it was safe for everyone else to eat {read: licked the bowl} ;).  The cake was fun to make and everyone seemed to enjoy it--even John ate it (talk about a feat)!


Senior Day 2010

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  1. How did you make the grass look like grass and the dirt like dirt??? I am FLOORED and BEFUDDLED! I have no idea how you did that! You are awesome!