Sunday, November 1, 2009

every dawg

Halloween always falls near another special day for my UGA family: the GA/FL game.  Because of the holidays (yes, GA/FL is a holiday), and the fact that the whole family was going to be in attendance, we decided to make it a Festivus occasion as well.  Our Festivus does not resemble the ever famous Sinfeld holiday.  Ours is a day where age rules are thrown out the window and we are able to let out our inner child--anything goes, everyone brings their 'A game', and it is a guarenteed good time :)  For this celebration I decided to try cupcake bites from Bakerella's blog.  Once I got the hang of it they were super easy and too cute!  I went with GA colors, but I can't wait to use other color variations.  Molly had a beautiful (not to mention delicious) spread waiting for our arrival, and the costumes were quite creative.  Although the game was quite a disappointment, it wasn't able to put a damper our Festivus fun.  In the words of Corey Smith "every dawg has his day."  Happy Festivus everyone!

 The Hanson's Beautiful Home

Ms. Cathy and college Molly

Monopoly pieces

Knowshon and "The Ginger Ninja"

Taylor Swift and Kanye West

The Ninja Turtles, a lobster, and Captain Jack Sparrow

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