Sunday, November 15, 2009

great balls of [brownie]

A friend from work recently asked me to make a dessert for her.  She was having some friends over for a game night and just wouldn't have enough time to prepare something.  As always, I was excited to make something new, and being the laid back person she is, she let me decide what to make.  I had a few other baking projects going on the same weekend so I needed something that would be easy, but still fun for her guests.  I decided to make cake pops and brownie pops.  I used red velvet cake for the cake balls and covered them in milk chocolate and used white chocolate to cover the brownies.  They were amazingly easy and fun to make.  I hope that she and her guests enjoy eating them as much as I enjoyed making them!  As a 'thank you' for the dessert she went above and beyond reason and bought me a beautiful covered glass cake plate has several other uses.  The gift was worth far more than the desserts, but I am thankful to have such thoughtful friends and can't wait to see it put to good use!

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